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Muddy Stiletto Award

Posted on: May 17th, 2016 by Andrew No Comments

We have been nominated for an award on the Muddy Stiletto blog site for Somerset. Prestigious you say and I say YES IT IS so please give us your vote by logging on to: and searching for Best Wine Shop. As if you need to be told.
Many thanks.

Haut Poitou – Good wines from a lesser known region

Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by Andrew No Comments

A family holiday in a gite near to friend’s new purchase took me (with children) to a part of France I had frequently driven through in the past but had never stopped in. This area south of the Loire and north of Bordeaux has little to recommend it as far is wine is concerned, being mostly rolling farmland punctuated by small villages and some larger towns. The scenery is uneventful and lacks the draw of other more touristic parts of France – a good thing in my view, you don’t feel you are queueing up behind hoards of other tourists at every sight of interest. No wine is grown here, apparently since phylloxera, but just a little to the north is the small region of Haut Poitou, about 700 hectares of vines around Neuville de Poitou. I had of course encountered wines from here before, but never really clocked the region. It was just a satellite of the Loire proper. But of course this is not quite the case. We are some way south of the Loire at this point and the topography is different. My exposure was always to the excellent but somewhat pricier wines of Henri Marionnet, long imported into the UK.  I am after something a little cheaper so I headed to the Cave Co-Operative. (more…)

In House Tasting – the good the bad and the truly awful 9/11/12

Posted on: November 11th, 2012 by Andrew No Comments

Today the tasting room had filled up sufficiently to require a tasting and as luck would have it time was on our side. On show was a range from Scottish importer Alliance, mostly at entry level. Alliance are interesting in that at these price points they own or have a lot of input into the production, to make sure they get good quality, so I was quite hopeful of finding a good range well priced. We also tasted wines from Specialist Importer Charles Hawkins and also Myliko and Bottle Green, from whom we buy a lot of our Vin Courant. (more…)

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