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Wines for Autumnal Dishes

Posted on: October 21st, 2013 by Andrew No Comments

We are often being asked for wine and food recommendations and so at this time of year with the rain falling outside and the sound of gunfire in the distance,  what better than some suggestions of wines to partner game.  Here is a selection of wines that we can recommend with a variety of dishes using some of the game meat that becomes available now. If you fancy any of them, just click on the name to take you to the relevant page on the site. (more…)

Pichon Longueville 1874 – Is it still wine?

Posted on: June 9th, 2013 by Andrew 3 Comments

I have a bottle of wine,  an 1874 Pichon Longueville from Bordeaux,  that I have owned for most of my working life.   Rescued unloved from a shelf at the back of the shop of my first employers,  Les Caves de la Madeleine in the Fulham Road, now Lea and Sandeman,  it has remained in a succession of cupboards ever since.   I have fluctuated between religiously keeping it away from the light and sticking it on view on the windowsill as my views on it change.   Peering at it closely,  you can see that although the level isn’t too bad,  the colour has faded to a point where it no longer resembles a red wine at all.   If that is the case there cant be any point in not having it on show as it would be foolish to open it and attempt to drink it. (more…)

Easter Wines – Clarets for year round drinking that won’t break the bank.

Posted on: March 28th, 2013 by Andrew No Comments

I had a go earlier at finding a wine that would go with both lamb and chocolate, but completely failed to come up with anything that flexible in its taste range. So now that I have written my Wine of the Month and steered clear of the subject entirely, I thought I would have another go. Ok so the chocolate is a tough call. The trade would have it that Port is a good match to Chocolate. Ned Halley in the Western Daily Press thinks so . So does Fiona Beckett. So who am I to argue. And I would probably agree. Port with Lamb is a less successful pairing – one instinctively thinks of claret. In fact a mate and I have been thinking of starting a dining club along those lines- rack of lamb and claret – the best we can afford. We haven’t got down to details yet but the premise is a good one.

So what would I recommend. We tend to concentrate on wines for the drinker rather than the connoisseur.  Lots of other wine blogs will describe at length the attractions of this premier cru château or that great vintage, with scant regard to the fact that the wines cost upward of £50 per bottle retail. We are not in that market. £15 should be able to buy you a good drinking claret from a less fashionable corner of Bordeaux from a fair vintage and be ready to drink now.  So for what its worth here is my pick of our range that fit the bill for the (relatively) thrifty

And before you comment that we can’t buy these in time for Easter – Lamb is not just for festivals. Its great all year round – especially if its from Dorset.


Château Bertinerie 2009 Côtes de Blaye.

This is a recent find and yet to grace the website. Sold to me by the owner on a UK trip recently, this really overdelivers. Textbook quality with a high proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon giving complexity and depth to the fruit. Nicely balanced and with a clean finish. Criticism? Perhaps a bit too textbook- if that is a criticism.

Update: The wine is now in stock and available here


Château Grand Moulin 2009 Côtes de Blaye.

Another well-made wine from Blaye. This slightly Cab Sauv dominated style is quite seductive, giving the wines more fruit and power than the normal Blood and Iron dominated satellite region offerings. A good honest claret




Mon Plaisir de Château Roques de Jeanlice 2010 Bordeaux.

Ok so its a dumb name with a horribly elided ending, But Ive seen worse labels and its actually extremely drinkable house claret at way under a tenner.  Of course, like a lot of these Petit Château, it may be a single vintage wonder, but the 2010 is great value and will make a lot of friends.

If you want more info on these wines, they will be up on the site very soon but you can always give us a call in the office ( After Easter please)


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