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Wine of the Month Fleurie 2011 Comte de Bernadotte Paul Pidault France

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The Great Villages of Beaujolais have been cruelly overlooked by the British wine drinking public for many years with the result that with the possible exception of this one, most people would fail to recognise the names of these once highly sought-after estate wines. This is a pity as in Beaujolais, the Gamay grape truly rises to the level of greatness. And as the retail price of the wines have barely risen at all even in money terms in  the last 10-15 years they are extremely good value. Ours is slightly unusual for a Fleurie, in that it has a solidity and weight underpinning the lighter fruity aspects that one associates with the Cru, perhaps more like a Morgon or a Pinot Noir.. Nevertheless, the wine is well balanced with a good length on the finish and has real charm and character.  To try some, click here


Two to Viu – Viu Manent Reserve from Colchagua

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I have posted about Chilean reserve wines before and our continual struggle to get anyone to trade up from Entry -Level from Chile. Chile in our view has become the go-to region for cheap drinkable house wine. The Chileans themselves have benn saying for some time that this significantly undervalues what they are about and I am inclined to agree up to a point.  For cracking wines at the sub £10 mark they are hard to beat unless you are looking for a point of difference. Despite the trade ballyhoo over newly discovered terroir-rich production areas, most chilean wines are rather samey But at least they are samey in a good way, drinkable and often more than that at very reasonable prices, especially away from the rock bottom stuff.


We are fans of this producer and their fine quality wines from the Colchagua valley. These are of Reserve level  and are both classic examples of the style and yet easy drinking and not too complicated. The Sauvignon has a more Loire like feel to it with crisp fresh acidity allied to classic gooseberry and grassy flavours, whilst the Merlot is rounded with the sort of ripe soft-skin fruit flavours we have become used to from Chile. Very easy to drink but with a depth that adds a serious note. Well worth a punt for some great value everyday drinking.

Viu Manent Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Colchagua Chile

Viu Manent  Merlot 2011 Colchagua Chile

Special Price  £7.98


Wine of the Month – Chablis 2012 Alain Geoffroy

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Some of you might be thinking, what on earth are we doing promoting a wine from Chablis? After all, everyone who knows the wine and likes it will buy it anyway and everyone else will have decided that Chablis is far too expensive/too dry or whatever for them and will give it a wide berth.  My view is that despite its stellar recognition factor and high-ish prices,  the wines themselves are often rather overlooked, especially at the drinking end. Of course we have shipped this for our restaurant customers, but because the quality is so high feel it needs promotion elsewhere as well. (more…)

Wine of the Month – Simonsvlei Pinotage Reserve 2012 Swartland South Africa

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Every month or so we try and feature a wine in this slot that might pique your interest, something of quality naturally, but also maybe something with which you are not familiar. Last month we took delivery of some of the Reserve range from Simonsvlei, a producer in South Africa whose name sounded familiar but whose wines I had never tasted.  We liked what we saw and listed three of them, including this Pinotage. (more…)

Wine of the Month – something for Easter

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A little late this month and with Easter fast approaching I thought I would recommend something to go with the festive food, which in our house means lamb. I have already discounted the chocolate as finding a wine that will go with both lamb and easter eggs is proving difficult. So after some deliberation I have plumped for the easy option and gone for a good red wine. (more…)

Wine of the Month – Terras Gauda O Rosal 2010 Galicia Spain

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Reading other peoples blog posts always makes me feel very inadequate, in the scribing department at least, as the quality of prose, the subjects discussed and the number of comments are always way beyond anything I feel I can achieve. Perhaps its a lack of practice – I’ve only been doing this for 5 years after all – maybe after another 5 Ill be the wine world’s answer to Mr Pepys. I somehow doubt it. Of course the obvious solution to my personal crisis problem is to give up reading other blogs altogether and gradually, memories of their superiority will fade. But if I did that I would miss such delights as The Skint Foodie that I stumbled on today. With his effortless prose command, great pics and obvious expertise in the kitchen I can only read and gape. And then there is the backstory! And the recipes! I have none of his advantages (or disadvantages come to that). If only I could make writing about wine half as interesting. (more…)

Wines of the Month – Viu Manent Chile

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Viu Manent Colchagua Valley Chile

The Chilean wine scene is beginning to coalesce into bulk producers serving the supermarket and own label trade and the more boutique producers making better quality wines that the discerning drinker will appreciate—weekend wines if you will.

Chile is trying hard to push the latter (witness the Chile Summit hosted by Harpers this week), with good reason as they offer good value when compared with premium wines elsewhere.

Viu Manent falls decisively into the latter camp with classy wines at all their price levels. These two Reserve wines show the kind of quality that they can achieve even at this respectably credit crunchy price

Viu Manent Estate Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Reserva

Viu Manent Estate Collection Malbec 2011 Reserva

Normal Price  £9.56                                     W.O.M Price £7.66

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