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Qawc’s Corks Nicolas Paget 2003 Chinon Loire

Posted on: October 8th, 2013 by Andrew No Comments

2003 was a hot year if memory serves, with out of character wines produced in Bordeaux and other southern regions, many of which appeared to peak too soon. A recent tasting of one of our old favourites Chateau Tuilerie du Puy Bordeaux Superieure 03 put me right.  Admittedly it was with lunch, but with food it was drinking perfectly, with lovely cedary sweet fruit and a long dry finish.  Just as a claret should. To think, we passed it over for the next vintage once we had sold it all back in 08. Meanwhile I am now trying another 03, this time a Chinon from our regular Loire supplier, Nicolas Paget at Rivarennes, who has a few acres in Chinon and thus can make the wine. (more…)

Qawc’s Corks – Cabidos Petit Manseng

Posted on: August 12th, 2013 by Andrew No Comments

Once in a while I come across a wine that fails to fit with the prevailing view, a wine so odd and eclectic that most of the time one would ignore it – a curio perhaps, like Walter Massa’s Timorasso or the Orange Wines of Georgia and Armenia. Such a wine is the subject of my latest encomium, a rare beast from an even rarer region – in fact it isn’t even from a wine region at all except that it comes from South West France where grapes grow in abundance. (more…)

Qawc’s Corks – Côtes du Rhône Domaine des Pasquiers

Posted on: July 16th, 2013 by Andrew No Comments

The sun has been shining now since Glastonbury and there appears to be no let up in sight. Good news as we are off on our hols this weekend and are hoping for more of the same, though a little rain wouldn’t go amiss in the garden – I am expecting to come back to a desert.  Meanwhile, we are making the most of the weather and eating outside a lot.  Us Brits tend to think of white and rosé wines for drinking on hot days with light lunches, but a moment’s reflection would recall that most hot climate regions make red wines, which are drunk enthusiastically by the locals in all weathers, normally accompanied by a glass of water. (more…)

Qawc’s Corks – Beau Puits 2012 Bordeaux

Posted on: April 29th, 2013 by Andrew No Comments

I started this thread with an idea that some of you might chip in with your own vinous recollections and that it would build up into a resource of different wines from differing viewpoints.  So far though,  all the opinions have been mine and I am still waiting to read and publish your stories.  So in the absence of any feedback I will soldier on with my own observations. (more…)

Qawc’s Corks – Bodegas Tamaral 2009 Crianza Ribero del Duero

Posted on: December 17th, 2012 by Andrew No Comments

I am sitting here without the internet which has inconveniently gone down with a week to go before Christmas!  We are promised an engineer tomorrow so fingers crossed that we can be firing on all cylinders before too long.  Meanwhile this will be uploaded when I get home.  Furthermore, this one is from memory as I am nursing the remains of a cold and my smell circuitry has also gone down – to be repaired I don’t know when.


QAWC’s corks – Château Lastours Les Gravieres Blanc 2011

Posted on: October 7th, 2012 by Andrew No Comments

I have written about this producer several times in the past in my newsletters, as their wines have formed part of our portfolio since the early nineties, when in a chance visit to the region on one of my road trips (sadly a thing of the past) I discovered this family owned winery. I didnt quite fall over the place, I had read about it in Guide Hachette whilst staying with friends in the Gers and was drawn by the single FF symbol (denoting relative cheapness) – the rest of the Gaillac seemed considerably more pricey. (more…)

Qawc’s corks – Roero Arneis

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by Andrew No Comments

This is the inaugural tasting in what what I hope will become a regular feature on the blog which I will be asking you to contribute your tasting notes on wines you have tasted whether from Quantock Abbey or not. We will publish (suitably accredited) any tastings that we think will enliven this section, so please email me with your suggestions. ( The more esoteric the better but an opinion on Blossom Hill could also be welcome.)

Meanwhile as this is my blog I get first dibs so to speak and will continue to post this column regardless of third party input as I have tasted a lot of wines over the years and some of them are worth writing about. Finally, I realise that corks are becoming a bit of an anachronism but I use the term loosely to include any closure or indeed packaging type ( Wine in tetrapak anyone?) (more…)

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