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A Trip to Chile and Argentina

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After a fairly enervating 11 hours in tourist class on a BA jumbo enlivened by a long period of turbulence over the Atlantic, we arrived in Sao Paolo for the next leg to Chile. There we were bumped off our onward flight by a tardy group of 40-odd Poles who insisted on taking preference over our intrepid band. Argy bargy ensued and LAN (BA’s local “partner”) was finally persuaded to book us on to a Swiss flight (not Swissair but very similar) which was also flying to Santiago. We arrived safely only an hour later than planned and luckily all the baggage also turned up (a miracle I presume) We were met at the airport by our obliging driver who took us into town to the Sheraton which had been booked by Corpora, our hosts for the trip.

After a couple of hours rest we were taken in the minibus for a tour of the City with an English Speaking guide. Of interest to us winos was the large part of the City that had been owned by the Cousino family. Now the O’Higgins park, it was once their earliest vineyards. Cousino Macoul is still one of the better Chilean wines.

First impressions. Chile appears to be on the cusp between first world opulence and third world poverty. Most people appeared at least well fed despite as our guide Christina said – looking grey. The semi-feral dogs also lend an air of Indian-ness to what is otherwise a European city. Santiago looked a bit down at heel but has a splendid new business district as well as some nice old quarters. We were taken out to dinner to a Peruvian restaurant where the wine and Pisco Sours flowed before collapsing exhausted in the comfort of the Sheraton. (more…)

Tohu Sauvignon Blanc rated as Top 10 in New Zealand

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As 2008 draws to a close Tohu Wines are celebrating the end of a highly successful and exciting year with a swag of gold medals for its outstanding quality wines. Cuisine Magazine has just announced its results for what would arguably be the country’s most competitive tastings, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Tohu Wines are thrilled to be one of the top 10 Sauvignon Blanc producing wine companies in New Zealand receiving 5 Stars for the 2008 Tohu Sauvignon Blanc. We still have some 2006 in stock which is drinking superbly. Take a look on

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