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Temperley in Bergerac

Posted on: February 10th, 2011 by Andrew No Comments

Down here in Somerset the Temperley family are well known, with Julian the man credited with reviving the interest in artisan cider with Burrow Hill (of glasto fame) and of course his iconic Somerset Cider Brandy. But eqully well known in political circles is Humphrey;  erstwhile Lib Dem supremo in the County and married to Lib Dem Peer Baroness Miller. In his retirement he has decided to join the English rush to buy a vineyard in Bergerac in South West France. In his case he has bought out another Englishman by purchasing Chateau Lestevenie in Saussignac and has now been there about a year. (more…)

Naked Greed?

Posted on: February 10th, 2011 by Andrew No Comments

As the result of buying some heating oil on the internet the other day I was given a voucher for £50 at Naked – a spin-off of Virgin Wines that has been making waves as a go-to wine internet site. My £50 had to be spent on wine so having gone through their list I plumped for the Naked Test Drive case, a selection of their wines at an ostensible half price which left me nominally paying the delivery only. Imagine my surprise then when I was charged the full price and credited the difference to my new Naked account! I now still have £40 to spend on a selection of wines which if the wines in the taster case are anything to go by lacks much in the way of interest. Perhaps I do them an injustice and further up the list there will be things of quality, but I doubt that £40 will go far towards them. (more…)

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