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Charity tasting at Yarlington House

Posted on: June 29th, 2012 by Andrew No Comments

Last weekend we were pleased to be presenting our wares in the idyllic surroundings of Yarlington House, a delightful Georgian Manor House near Wincanton, all in aid of ParkinsonsUK a charity devoted to finding a cure for this pernicious illness. The sun shone (eventually) and many people turned out for what proved to be an enjoyable day. Models paraded some of the latest fashions and there was plenty to eat and drink, whilst being entertained by a talented string ensemble. Plus there was wine tasting, which proved a draw for many who came to talk wines with us and taste a range of 18 that we were showing from our list.

The selection included wines from across our range with a tilt towards the classics, with France being well represented. Highlights of the day were the 2010 vintage from Bailly at Pouilly in the Loire which was given 10 out of 10 by most who tasted it, the 2010 Premier cru from Mme Naulin in Chablis and our new Pugliese Primitivo, Terre Rosse which garnered near universal praise.

Aside from those, our New Zealand Gewurztraminer from Siefreid Estate in Nelson was approved of and the Corbieres from Ollieux Romanis was widely commented on. Overall the selection went down well and our new House range, Le Moulin, held up well alongside the rather more illustrious company. A full list plus tasting impressions follows here. (more…)

Bordeaux price crash – good for the consumer?

Posted on: June 13th, 2012 by Andrew No Comments

We have just shipped a selection of five different clarets ranging from a Petit Château retailing at just over £8 to a Grand Cru St Emilion at £17.18 None of us had encountered any of these wines before but no matter – we had had a chance to taste them all in the office before placing our order courtesy of my friend Paul at Chalkstream Wines who handles the negoçiant in Bordeaux from whence these wines came. And very good they were too – But why the price crash ? This refers to recent articles in the trade press about the significant falls in En Primeur prices that the top Bordeaux producers have been able to achieve. Not the stuff that us mere mortals get to stash under the stairs but the kind of wines that are for buying and selling rather than drinking. (more…)

Predatory Pricing and Bogofs – a trade perspective

Posted on: June 10th, 2012 by Andrew 2 Comments

A weekend staying with my brother in West Wales necessitated a trip to the nation’s favourite grocer to stock up on lunch items – we were having our own Jubilee lunch party! My attention was drawn to an end of aisle display of an Australian Chardonnay priced at £4 per bottle. My brother wanted to buy some on the basis that it was cheap and was “reduced from £9.99 per bottle”  I though that even at £4 it would be a waste of money. The giveaway was the phony name and the fact that in small print on the back it was shown to hail from Kingsland Estates. Now, I’m sure that Kingsland have many upmarket wines in their comprehensive portfolio, but they also bottle a lot of bulk entry -level wine. This “Blaxland Estate” reeked of marketing – from the “old fashioned “ capsule to the heritage look label it was clearly an exercise in fooling the customer – if anyone can really be fooled into thinking that an exclusive wine would end up on an end of aisle display in Tesco. (more…)

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