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Art and wine – The Slade Centre, Gillingham, Dorset.

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Last friday evening found me at the Slade gallery in Gillingham at an art show put on by Rural Artists in Residence – “from sticks to stone”. This multi-artist show has recently transferred from a successful outing in London’s Mayfair and features a number of Shaftesbury based artists. I was asked along by Hope Elletson of Picture who handles much of their framing. (more…)

Jargon Buster No 1 – Nose

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One would assume that the word “nose” would be fairly self explanatory – as plain as the nose on your face so to speak. But in wineland we are not talking about the Olfactory Organ as such but what it can detect. You might read that the “Nose” of the wine was dried fruit and crushed garlic  – an odd combination I agree and not one that crops up much but for the sake of argument lets go with it. (more…)

Loire Valley 2012 Harvest report

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This is a guest posting by Charles Sydney,  Courtier at La Grille,  Chinon.  His canter round the vineyards are always worth reading and this interim report gives a good snapshot of the current vintage in the Loire region.  For more info check his website here (more…)

Waverley Vintners collapse – A one off?

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Today we learnt more about the dramatic collapse of giant wine wholesalers Waverley TBS. It was so sudden that not even top execs knew until Tuesday afternoon that the company had gone into administration that morning. (more…)

September / October Newsletter

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What counts for summer is over and Autumn has swept in with more of the same. Its time to put away thoughts of salads and barbeques and start stocking up on wines for the winter months ahead. We have a few wintry offerings on these pages that should grab your interest including our poular seasonal taster case.
Our Summer Tasting at Crowcombe will now be on September 27th in the evening at Crowcombe Court. For more information check our new blog or contact us here
Happy Drinking.

QAWC’s corks – Château Lastours Les Gravieres Blanc 2011

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I have written about this producer several times in the past in my newsletters, as their wines have formed part of our portfolio since the early nineties, when in a chance visit to the region on one of my road trips (sadly a thing of the past) I discovered this family owned winery. I didnt quite fall over the place, I had read about it in Guide Hachette whilst staying with friends in the Gers and was drawn by the single FF symbol (denoting relative cheapness) – the rest of the Gaillac seemed considerably more pricey. (more…)

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