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Wines of the Month – Viu Manent Chile

Posted on: November 29th, 2012 by Andrew No Comments

Viu Manent Colchagua Valley Chile

The Chilean wine scene is beginning to coalesce into bulk producers serving the supermarket and own label trade and the more boutique producers making better quality wines that the discerning drinker will appreciate—weekend wines if you will.

Chile is trying hard to push the latter (witness the Chile Summit hosted by Harpers this week), with good reason as they offer good value when compared with premium wines elsewhere.

Viu Manent falls decisively into the latter camp with classy wines at all their price levels. These two Reserve wines show the kind of quality that they can achieve even at this respectably credit crunchy price

Viu Manent Estate Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Reserva

Viu Manent Estate Collection Malbec 2011 Reserva

Normal Price  £9.56                                     W.O.M Price £7.66

Christmas tasting No1 at Crowcombe – Good turn-out and good sales.

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Last weekend saw the first of our Christmas tastings in the Village Hall, Crowcombe, where Chris held sway for most of both days, presiding over a selection of 17 wines from our main list.


Wine Jargon #2 Balance

Posted on: November 15th, 2012 by Andrew No Comments

Balance is one of those things we discover very early in life as we learn to walk as an infant and then later as we become acquainted with two wheeled motion. Some of us will hone the skill in later years on a skate or surf board, or a pair of skis. So it is something with which we are intimately acquainted. Balance is also how we describe the weighing up of two differing things, whether it be ideas or solid objects, usually pictured visually as a pair of scales . But what does it mean when we use it in wine description? (more…)

My thoughts on UGC 2010 tasting – a personal view.

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Arriving at the Opera house for the UGC tasting, I felt a little like Country Mouse coming to town, surrounded as I was by a sea of grey and black business suits. Normally, the sort of tastings I attend, attracts lots of out of town merchants, but this was an affair more suited to the rarefied London trade. (more…)

In House Tasting – the good the bad and the truly awful 9/11/12

Posted on: November 11th, 2012 by Andrew No Comments

Today the tasting room had filled up sufficiently to require a tasting and as luck would have it time was on our side. On show was a range from Scottish importer Alliance, mostly at entry level. Alliance are interesting in that at these price points they own or have a lot of input into the production, to make sure they get good quality, so I was quite hopeful of finding a good range well priced. We also tasted wines from Specialist Importer Charles Hawkins and also Myliko and Bottle Green, from whom we buy a lot of our Vin Courant. (more…)

Morrisons New Wine Cellar powered by Taste Test Technology

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I read this article in Harpers today about the launch of Morrisons new online wine store with a sense of amazement. £100 million increased turnover? In a flat wine market? In a major supermarket that already has a significant part of the UK wine market? And how is this minor miracle going to be achieved? (more…)

Dates for the Diary

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We are holding a series of tastings leading up to the festive season, so if any of you are about and would like to attend one of the events, do please let one of us know.

Wednesday 5th December

We will be at Guggleton Art Gallery in Stalbridge to show some of our wines at the festive fair following a talk on Sir Alfred Munnings, the famous Artist. The evening starts at 7.00 PM and numbers are limited. If you would like to attend this interesting and fun event contact Isabel at the gallery on  01963 363456 or 01963 370219

Of Snow and Price Rises.

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It snowed here yesterday which prompted me to tweet that I hoped it wasn’t a foretaste of things to come. Someone pointed out that that sounded suspiciously like a complaint about the weather, a popular British pastime. It wasn’t. (more…)

Planning a Wine List – part one, the Local

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We all know them, there used to be one on every street corner in every town and village in the country. Not any more. Recession and various blundering attempts by the government to “open up the pub industry to competition” has meant a bloodbath in this sector, with pubs closing at an unprecedented rate. The brunt of the cull has fallen on the in-town local, where pub gardens for smokers weren’t an option and the ability to diversify into food was not possible. Despite the carnage, however, some locals have not only survived but thrived. In our area we have a few that we supply, catering in town to the more traditional pub go-er and doing it really well. How? There isn’t really one answer but good management allied to welcoming front of house staff and a clean inviting atmosphere seem to do the trick.


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