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Pichon Longueville 1874 – Is it still wine?

Posted on: June 9th, 2013 by Andrew 3 Comments

I have a bottle of wine,  an 1874 Pichon Longueville from Bordeaux,  that I have owned for most of my working life.   Rescued unloved from a shelf at the back of the shop of my first employers,  Les Caves de la Madeleine in the Fulham Road, now Lea and Sandeman,  it has remained in a succession of cupboards ever since.   I have fluctuated between religiously keeping it away from the light and sticking it on view on the windowsill as my views on it change.   Peering at it closely,  you can see that although the level isn’t too bad,  the colour has faded to a point where it no longer resembles a red wine at all.   If that is the case there cant be any point in not having it on show as it would be foolish to open it and attempt to drink it. (more…)

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