Christmas tasting No1 at Crowcombe – Good turn-out and good sales.

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Last weekend saw the first of our Christmas tastings in the Village Hall, Crowcombe, where Chris held sway for most of both days, presiding over a selection of 17 wines from our main list.

Alongside were a couple of his friends selling some gift ideas, and the artist Barry Watkin had the main hall for his annual show.

A few wines stood out, not least the three from Humphrey Temperley at Chateau Lestevenie in Bergerac; his simple Temperley Rose, his Merlot 2003 and his Saussignac 2005 Moelleux.  The rose has always impressed – a blend of Cabernets, it has depth, balance and ripe fruit. The 03 Merlot is a little like a mini Pomerol and perfectly mature now, whilst the Saussignac is of very high quality and shows what this region can produce. Liquid sunshine in a glass.

Other stars included the Coteaux de Giennois 2008 Pinot Noir from J M Bailly in Pouilly.  This has matured and softened and has the genuine Pinot character one yearns for from often much pricier Burgundy. Gien is the appellation for red Loire in those parts and is little known here.  Red Sancerre meanwhile can call itself that. Hey Ho.

Finally,  a companion showing of Charles Back’s Spice Route Sauvignon beside Henri Bourgeois’ Petit Bourgeois Sauvignon de Loire showed off both wines to advantage. The Loire is light, very fresh and nicely made – a quaffer that appeals but is perhaps a little dilute; Spice Route shows more depth and complex Sauvignon character but requires food to show it off to advantage; the other side of the coin if you will. Both were popular.

Of the other wines, our Le Moulin Vin de France range, a Merlot with a touch of Gamay and a Colombard Sauvignon impressed at a reduced price of just over a fiver.

All in all a good tasting,  showing that our customers now prefer to spend around a tenner to get good quality. A sentiment with which I heartily concur.

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