Tastings – 2013

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We have two tastings this autumn, here in Weston Bampfylde BA22 7HY and  at the Church House Crowcombe TA4 4AQ

Weston Bampfylde:

Friday November 29th  Village Hall 6.00 PM till 9.00

Crowcombe Church House

Friday 22nd Nov 6.30PM till 9.00 PM Saturday 23rd Nov

Two to Viu – Viu Manent Reserve from Colchagua

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I have posted about Chilean reserve wines before and our continual struggle to get anyone to trade up from Entry -Level from Chile. Chile in our view has become the go-to region for cheap drinkable house wine. The Chileans themselves have benn saying for some time that this significantly undervalues what they are about and I am inclined to agree up to a point.  For cracking wines at the sub £10 mark they are hard to beat unless you are looking for a point of difference. Despite the trade ballyhoo over newly discovered terroir-rich production areas, most chilean wines are rather samey But at least they are samey in a good way, drinkable and often more than that at very reasonable prices, especially away from the rock bottom stuff.


We are fans of this producer and their fine quality wines from the Colchagua valley. These are of Reserve level  and are both classic examples of the style and yet easy drinking and not too complicated. The Sauvignon has a more Loire like feel to it with crisp fresh acidity allied to classic gooseberry and grassy flavours, whilst the Merlot is rounded with the sort of ripe soft-skin fruit flavours we have become used to from Chile. Very easy to drink but with a depth that adds a serious note. Well worth a punt for some great value everyday drinking.

Viu Manent Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Colchagua Chile

Viu Manent  Merlot 2011 Colchagua Chile

Special Price  £7.98


Wines for Autumnal Dishes

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We are often being asked for wine and food recommendations and so at this time of year with the rain falling outside and the sound of gunfire in the distance,  what better than some suggestions of wines to partner game.  Here is a selection of wines that we can recommend with a variety of dishes using some of the game meat that becomes available now. If you fancy any of them, just click on the name to take you to the relevant page on the site. (more…)

Qawc’s Corks Nicolas Paget 2003 Chinon Loire

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2003 was a hot year if memory serves, with out of character wines produced in Bordeaux and other southern regions, many of which appeared to peak too soon. A recent tasting of one of our old favourites Chateau Tuilerie du Puy Bordeaux Superieure 03 put me right.  Admittedly it was with lunch, but with food it was drinking perfectly, with lovely cedary sweet fruit and a long dry finish.  Just as a claret should. To think, we passed it over for the next vintage once we had sold it all back in 08. Meanwhile I am now trying another 03, this time a Chinon from our regular Loire supplier, Nicolas Paget at Rivarennes, who has a few acres in Chinon and thus can make the wine. (more…)

Wine of the Month – Chablis 2012 Alain Geoffroy

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Some of you might be thinking, what on earth are we doing promoting a wine from Chablis? After all, everyone who knows the wine and likes it will buy it anyway and everyone else will have decided that Chablis is far too expensive/too dry or whatever for them and will give it a wide berth.  My view is that despite its stellar recognition factor and high-ish prices,  the wines themselves are often rather overlooked, especially at the drinking end. Of course we have shipped this for our restaurant customers, but because the quality is so high feel it needs promotion elsewhere as well. (more…)

Qawc’s Corks – Cabidos Petit Manseng

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Once in a while I come across a wine that fails to fit with the prevailing view, a wine so odd and eclectic that most of the time one would ignore it – a curio perhaps, like Walter Massa’s Timorasso or the Orange Wines of Georgia and Armenia. Such a wine is the subject of my latest encomium, a rare beast from an even rarer region – in fact it isn’t even from a wine region at all except that it comes from South West France where grapes grow in abundance. (more…)

Chateau Lestevenie – a personal visit.

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On our family perambulations around South Western France I realized that we would be passing near Bergerac and thought it would be a good idea to have a look at Humphrey Temperley’s operation in person,  especially as we are his chosen representative in the UK (more…)

Haut Poitou – Good wines from a lesser known region

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A family holiday in a gite near to friend’s new purchase took me (with children) to a part of France I had frequently driven through in the past but had never stopped in. This area south of the Loire and north of Bordeaux has little to recommend it as far is wine is concerned, being mostly rolling farmland punctuated by small villages and some larger towns. The scenery is uneventful and lacks the draw of other more touristic parts of France – a good thing in my view, you don’t feel you are queueing up behind hoards of other tourists at every sight of interest. No wine is grown here, apparently since phylloxera, but just a little to the north is the small region of Haut Poitou, about 700 hectares of vines around Neuville de Poitou. I had of course encountered wines from here before, but never really clocked the region. It was just a satellite of the Loire proper. But of course this is not quite the case. We are some way south of the Loire at this point and the topography is different. My exposure was always to the excellent but somewhat pricier wines of Henri Marionnet, long imported into the UK.  I am after something a little cheaper so I headed to the Cave Co-Operative. (more…)

Qawc’s Corks – Côtes du Rhône Domaine des Pasquiers

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The sun has been shining now since Glastonbury and there appears to be no let up in sight. Good news as we are off on our hols this weekend and are hoping for more of the same, though a little rain wouldn’t go amiss in the garden – I am expecting to come back to a desert.  Meanwhile, we are making the most of the weather and eating outside a lot.  Us Brits tend to think of white and rosé wines for drinking on hot days with light lunches, but a moment’s reflection would recall that most hot climate regions make red wines, which are drunk enthusiastically by the locals in all weathers, normally accompanied by a glass of water. (more…)

Summer Tasting Case – make the most of the sun!

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This Summer already looks more benign than last year with a really corking weekend just gone, enlivened by an historic Wimbledon win for Andy Murray- just the sort of weekend that requires a lovely summery wine,  whether a chilled white or rosé or a cool,  fruity red.   Lets hope this heat continues for a few weeks allowing plenty of excuses to crack open a bottle and relax in the garden.

Our tasting case reflects this better weather with a selection that includes some lighter whites and a rosé.  As usual the case is at a genuine discount with some great value wines included. Give it a try.


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